The apprehensive smile on a child’s face making those first steps. The thrilling trepidation while watching an acrobat spinning in mid air. The amusing suspense when placing the last level on a house of cards. These experiences have one element in common: equilibrium. The equilibrium that reassures us and at the same time upsets us, that makes us stand upright and yet propels us forward. This word is full of ambivalence; certainty and doubt, peace and fear. In every context of use, there are 2 contrasting elements which co-exist in a perfect equilibrium.

The classic form  of  the  chair  is  in  stark  contrast to the crudely sawed-off legs. Herein lies the paradox between the initial impression of uncertainty and reluctance and the sensations of  comfort and relief that a chair provides.

‘Equilibrio’ is a quintessential token of our design philosophy – that loosing equilibrium is the only way to move forward into the future.