We are Etra Project – a progressive design studio based in Northern Italy. By narrating stories through products, services and experiences, we aim to enthuse, engage and empower audiences.

Our diverse team of artists, designers and engineers are unified by a passion to create integrated immersive experiences. We always seek the potential harmony or tension between tangible and intangible qualities when we create experiences around a product or service. With our approach, we aim to dim the layers of what is explicit and what is subliminal, encouraging people to be cognizant of their perceptions and to think beyond what is immediately apparent. This perpetual research from project to project is a token to our name and moreover to our dynamic approach, driven by the varying needs of clients across a range of different sectors. We firmly believe that the power of story-telling through memorable experiences is an asset for everybody.



Etra Project srls, Via Cavour 36, 12061 Carrù (CN), Italy, info@etraproject.com, +39 0173 75295 
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